TD-W8970 router and LEDE

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it is possible to install lede without having to use the serial cable on a TD-W8970 router, it is very complicated for me to solder on the same board with my soldering iron.

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You can install LEDE through the TP-Link web GUI, or use TFTP.

TFTP tutorials…

are you sure on model tplink td-w8970?

Version 1 and 1.2 are supported...

yes, but when go to the web tplink system upgrade firmware an error appears.

That link is for were asking about LEDE.

See the link I provided above.

ok thanks try and comment this via.

i read this links, but not sure

If you are not sure what you're doing, I would not recommend trying to install 3rd party firmware.

Sorry I do not express myself well, I'm not sure that LEDE works from the web.


No worries.

Take a look at the TFTP tutorials link above.

hello Jwoods

tftp not posible. i dont have a command posible to run tftp client on a router.

and by web console this error
Error code: 4503
The uploaded file was not accepted by the device.

Run TFTP from a directly connected computer.

See the tutorials.

ok, but you are a step by step tutorial?
cable rj 45? or serial , i dont have a serial cable, this is a problems

I don't think you've read any of the TFTP tutorials that show you step by step how to flash a router...

You connect an ethernet cable from your computer to a LAN port on the router.

Here are further examples...

It really isn't difficult (no serial cables, no soldering), but if you don't feel confident doing this yourself, find someone who has experience flashing router firmware.

It does not work with this model. before there is a brick
you can read it here and before sending links and saying nonsense things read in this forum please.

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having the serial connection is an important failsafe.
if you screw up lede and ssh it's a good to have it.
I recommend it!

I think the OP was worried about needing to do a JTAG connection...

I have this device, and I had to solder 3 pins rx tx gnd for serial connection.

ok and the economics soldier? for this use?