TD-W8968 V3 source files?

Hello everybody, recently i found this form TP-Link site.

I'm just wondering can we use this in some way to overcome the limited driver issue for this device?
I'm no developer.

Disclaimer: I haven't even looked into the tarball, but…


The presence of a GPL tarball doesn't imply it being complete, not depending on binary objects that hard-depend on a specific (ancient-) kernel version, nor license compliance. So far neither of those requirements have been met for Broadcom xDSL drivers, Broadcom wireless drivers (BCM43217), or (the following don't apply to this particular device-) Broadcom FXS/ ISDN drivers, Broadcom DECT drivers, Broadcom cable modem drivers.

If you do want to know the details about this particular device/ GPL tarball, you will have to become a developer and check for yourself - but it would be a first.

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Thanks for the reply. Could you confirm this tarball contains any driver or not?
I'm interested in building OpenWRT with the closed source drivers(if available) for TD-W8968.

What you could build - ideally, a lot of GPL drops won't even yield a fully functional firmware - is the codebase TP-Link offers you (maybe/probably an SDK based on an outdated, unpatched and vulnerable OpenWrt version). But the chance you could build an up to date OpenWrt version with the binary blobs, when provided, is extremely slim.

I just checked the tarball, there's binary blobs in there. Plenty, even. But like I said: if you get a functional image, it will be similar to the firmware you can download from TP-Link already. No added value.