TD-LTE Module ttyACM0

Hello friends
I have a TD-LTE module that basically only supports 4G band
I want to select the usb module in the kernel for it
This module is known as ttyACM0
Which USB software modules and LUCI protocol should I use?

That's not a module, that's just an interface exposed by the module. Not sure what kernel module you would need without knowing a bit more about the hardware, do you know the vendor and model? To use the module for network access, you may want to give ModemManager a try.

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I also didn't say ttyACM is a module. I said it's known by this interface
Yes this module is from the brand of sequans
Can I connect this interface to their interface with the modem managers?

There are multiple ways in which 4G modems can present themselves to the host. Tell us the model and paste dmesg output.

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My module is SEQUANS CB610L
No specific logs are displayed in the USB section of the operating system

There must be something since the kernel recognizes it and creates ttyACM0 device.