TCP connect to [AF_INET] failed: Connection refused

I have uploaded mullvard vpn config file in the openwrt's openVPN dashboard. I have also provided the .auth detals. But when I click on start button for that mullvad_client, it gets started on front with the state being updated to "stop" in button, but then again, I couldn't reach internet after configuring firewall and all. i have followed through but at last when I checked log using logread -e openvpn, I saw an error which states , "TCP connect to [AF_INET] failed: Connection refused" I then ran netstat for port 1080 there is no such port running. Any idea what am i doing wrong. I can see there is a line called socks-proxy in that .ovpn config file which i uploaded, shouldn't it be automatically created ? Please help me to fix this. I am stuck here

What would you expect to be created? This line instructs OpenVPN to use a SOCKS Proxy to connect to the destination. If you don't have a SOCKS proxy, remove this line.