Targets (Technical) comparison


is there any comparsion sheet (or table) which shows the technical capabilities and differences of/between supported OpenWrt targets on the page:

The trigger for this that I would like to see which targets support is more capable for processing high memory en CPU intensive applications than others.

Can any one advise here? Thank you!

How ever you compare, x86 will come up on top.

That is fine with me if x86 comes first or last :slight_smile:
the question is: what parameters to compare between the targets?

I think it would be good to have a table which make technical comparison between each target (speed, power consumption, instructions per second, etc. etc.)

JUST for example: I would like to see which targets better serve Adblock application. This app is very memory and CPU intensive application, so a comparison table would be one of the tools to make (optimized) decision, etc.

There are many examples, but this is one of them.

Then I suggest you create a scenario, people can use, and post results for.

  • reset device
  • install packages
  • subscribe to X lists
  • run test script and record results
  • post them


I think better to put a tool rather than giving a scenarios, because scenarios may never end!

How do you compare the Apple M2 against x86_64, heck, how does AMD rate against Intel, ATi against nVidia...
How do you evaluate raw CPU power against I/O abilities, number of ethernet ports against wireless features...
What's the value of 3d graphics acceleratoon in a router...

It's difficult, hard to press into a table - you can approach it numerous ways, what comes out on top, depends on the circumstances, the details. And especially these days, and for networking (and other infrastructure-) tasks it matters way less what comes out on top, but what is sufficient to deal comfortably with your line speed and other requirements, while scoring well enough on the power requirements and initial cost side.

Good thinking, create/port and post it...

I am sure there are universal items between targets where a comparison can be done! that is the idea.
specific features to each target can be highlighted under specific features!

No need to reinvent the wheel if it is already there! that was why I raised this forum topic to see if the wheel exists somewhere.