Target profile WPJ344 (16 MB flash) but mine is 8 MB

I have an WPJ344 rev. 6A06 (gen 2) with 8 MB NOR, but in menuconfig is only 16 MB version, how i can make a compile for 8 MB version? I have search for a days, but it's not clear how to make right bin file, flashing 16 MB on 8 MB is corrupt ART partition and make wifi disabled, i need install correct 8MB bin to fix wifi.

Please, need help!

For OpenWrt these would be different devices, you'd have to add support for it (on the source level, not by just 'compiling' it differently with some magical incantations) - just that it's probably much simpler, if flash size/ partitioning were the only things to change between the different hardware revisions.

An example for doing this for a device tree based target (ath79) would be;a=commitdiff;h=619d68bfc90e548e3398b26a2a0ca3fccd7d3f38

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In my case, there is two version of one hardware revision: one with 16 MB and second with 8MB (just marketing things of Compex):

Even in manual of 6A06 revision it has specified:

I have flashed compiled OpenWrt through uboot (by cheating) with latest 18.06.2 and LAN & WiFi works, but when i have upgrade firmware through GUI - it erase ART and now WiFi did not works even on stock firmware. I have restore ART from uboot, but still interesting in compile OpenWrt for 8MB version.

Or maybe it simple to flash all MTD partitions to 16 MB chip and than re-solder it?