Target Profile for Mikrotik RB962UiGS-5HacT2HnT

I am wanting to build LEDE for Mikrotik RB962UiGS-5HacT2HnT.

I select the Target: Atheros AR7xxxx
I select the Subtarget: Mikrotik

However, I am unsure which Target Profile to select. My options are:

  • Multiple devices
  • Default profile
  • Mikrotik Routerboard (16MB SPI NOR)
  • Mikrotik Routerboard (16MB SPI NOR, 802.11ac)
  • Mikrotik Routerboard (64MB NAND)
  • Mikrotik routerboard (>= 128MB NAND)

My best guess is Mikrotik Routerboard (16MB SPI NOR, 802.11ac), but I am not totally sure. Confirmation of which Target Profile to pick would be wonderful.

Thank you!