Target for Archer C7 v5

i just bought a Archer C7 v5 and want to install openwrt to it. I am not sure, which target to choose to compile. The project page states

I did not find this using make menuconfig. I found
and could choose archer c7 v5 from a submenu. And i found
and could also choose archer c7 v5. Which one is the right one? Or can i take both? In the prebuild firmwares there are two possibilities:
The last link is from snapshot.
So what is the difference between the two choices and which should i use?

Thank you for any hint.

ar71xx is deprecated and will shortly be discontinued. ath79 is the current target for those SoCs.

ath79, at least last I read, would not be built for v19, even though ar71xx has been "strongly discouraged" (to the point of refusing new devices and patches for months now).

This leaves users only snapshot builds off master for ath79, which is the only viable target for the device.

Hi Jeff,
thank you for this information. So i will build for ath79.


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