.tar file - How to install?

Hi i want to install some new application. For some reason this app is not in repo . The devoloper just uploader a packed .tar file . To install i need something to do with this .tar file .

I wonder how can i do it.

Hope somenone is able to give me a advise or more info.

If the tarball in question contains real source, you can try to cross-build it using OpenWrt toolchain (and/ or the SDK) - if it only contains binaries, you won't be able to use it at all (wrong arch, wrong libc, missing dependencies). Either way, there's not point-and-click solution.


i did not understand you. Sorry is there any step by step tutorial

No, I am afraid that such tutorial does not exist.

A ".tar" is just a collection of files (quite similar to a ".zip" file), and there are no implicit rules about its contents or how is it supposed to be handled... it could contain the source files, it could contain a precompiled binary for some specific platform, or it could contain a bunch or cooking recipes.

You must ask the developer about how you must proceed with the file, or perhaps you could share the file here, and somebody will be able to offer more help.

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it is Openwrt compatible. Any ideas how to implent it ?