Tailscale server: Quadcore (MR8300) vs Dualcore (RT3200)

Hello. I ask a technical questions to the experts :slight_smile:

I shall install OpenWRT with Tailscale to act as server in another country.

I will not need wifi or anything else, but rather I will just need to have best performance transfer towards the remote client in another country.

Shall I get a quad core or a dual core with higher frequency to remove any bottleneck from Tailscale perspective?

I am thinking of getting either the MR8300 (quad core - 717 MHz Cpu) or the Belkin RT3200 (dual core - 1359 MHz Cpu).

Anyone did a similar test in the past?

Thank you

Cortex A7 vs cortex A53, isn't that straight forward to compare based on clockspeed or core count alone.

That said, my guess would be that the rt3200 is probably going to be faster (maybe even considerably so, maybe just a bit), there's no alternative to testing both - or opting for some other solution (depending on the desired performance, quite a few options if integrated WLAN support isn't needed; e.g. nanopi r4s, RPi CM4+dfrobot baseboard, x86_64, …).

Thank you. By moving to nanopi or to x86, there would be a good increase in performance? Which x86 could be better in case?

Any x86 will be much more powerfull in term of computation. So your critera should be electric power consumption. There are some CPU with low consumption (10W, even 7W).

If tailscale doesn't support multi core, a faster CPU could be better, but again, you're still comparing apples and bananas.

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Consumption is not an issue :slight_smile:

I was trying to get exactly that... does Tailscale support multi-core or it's better a faster core?

My plan is to get to compare bananas with bananas :slight_smile:

Try it on some other platform, like x86, see if it uses more than one core.

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