Tailscale in 23.05

In Tailscale OpenWrt wiki article it is said that

OpenWrt 22.03 and later, use nftables (superseding iptables) as a backend to firewall4. Tailscale is unable to configure nftables automatically and this prevents the tailscale daemon from initializing properly and forwarding traffic.


A workaround for this issue has been applied to the master branch. If you're unable or unwilling to run an image built from the master branch, the following steps can be used as a manual workaround on 22.03.x

is this still necessary on 23.05? Has this patch been integrated into it?

While checking the source code, I can see that it was indeed integrated to OpenWrt 23.05. You can see all the changes here:

The referenced commit is there.

Imho wiki needs to be updated.

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