Tailscale for networking dummies

Hello everyone. I have done the following steps to get tailscale installed on my router but I suspect my lack of networking knowledge is stopping me from getting to where I want to be. I would like the router to route traffic through tailscale where the IP addresses apply, namely the 100. range.

  1. Installed through the OpenWRT GUI
  2. SSH into router, run tailscale and logged in, the device is showing as online with an IP.
  3. There is a new interface in OpenWRT for tailscale0

Apologies if I use the wrong terms but do I need to create a new interface for this device? And then do I need a static route to direct traffic to this device?

I have been reading on the Tailscale site and as a layperson it sounds like it should just work... but I guess not. https://tailscale.com/kb/1019/subnets/

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what happened next, where you able to setup subnet mask?