Tagging WAN port as VLAN

In the older version of OpenWRT (19.07, etc) my Linksys WRT3200ACM router has the "Network -> Switch" menu that made it simple to tag the WAN port as the appropriate VLAN to match my ISP's fibre connection requirements. However, with 22.02 that entire menu has gone with the move to DSA and I don't see any (obvious) option to edit the VLAN tagging of the WAN port.

How can it be configured going forward?

For the simple case where you just need a VLAN tag on one port for the modem:

On the wan interface page, pull down Device and scroll to the bottom. Type wan.vlan_number in the box at the bottom (e.g. wan.35) and press enter to create a new device.

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Thanks, I will give that a try!

Is the use of VLAN tagging documented somewhere? That suggestion not exactly 'discoverable' from the Luci interface and my attempts to search for solutions kept finding articles using the old method that I already used but no longer applied to the new builds of OpenWRT.

this is general advice I guess not necessarily applicable to your situation

basically you make two bridges now if you want to use vlans
you have your usual br-lan

but you make a lower level bridge, I call mine dsa-bridge for example
then in the configuration for dsa-bridge you can configure which ports are on what vlans
so say you have vlan 500 set up there
if "local" is ticked I think that means it creates the vlan device automatically for you
then in br-lan you would add dsa-bridge.500

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Thanks for the added advice.

I tried the WAN.vlan trick today and it worked - eventually. I found I had to delete the WAN6 interface before it would work (my ISP does not support IPv6 so not actually needed for anything, but previously it made no difference).

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