Tagging VLAN 35 for WAN port - Linksys WRT1900ACS

Hi everyone, I've read and tried lots of topic/method but still can't solve this problem, i need to tag vlan 35 for my wan port (WRT1900ACS)

Something like this but can't work, edit vlan id 2 to 35, change WAN from untag to tagged:

This "virtual" tagged WAN port (LAN4) not work too

Please help me. Thank you

Are you sure you don't need to replicate the MAC address of the upstream router-modem to your Linksys router?

It is correct to set the switch the first way you posted. The second switch doesn't do anything but leave an abandoned VLAN 2 in the switch.

But then you also have to go to the WAN network physical settings and change from eth1.2 to eth1.35, so that the CPU is putting packets tagged 35 into the switch.

Yes I can confirm that we dont need to do that (draytek 2912 can tag vlan 35 for wan port without doing that)

Yes ofcourse I've done that, in fact after edit VLAN ID 2 to 35, and change WAN from untagged to tagged, openwrt automatically change physical setting of WAN frim eth1.2 to eth1.35

That should be all that needs to be done, so investigate the problem may be something other than VLAN tagging.

You can connect a PC (not Windows though) running Wireshark to the WAN port to see if the packets are properly tagged.

Please fix me if i'm wrong:

On my GPON modem, I set it to run at bridged mode. For some reasons, I must use untag mode as you can see here:
bridge mode

In the past when I used Draytek 2912 to make pppoe, i just need to add vlan 35 to wan (beside username/password of ISP) and everything works fine.

But when I use WRT1900ACS, do first way I posted i can not get IP from ISP.

Please tell me if that's not possible?

P/s: can I run Wireshark on Windows PC because I dont have other OSs...