Tagging of VLAN interfaces questions

Go to System -- Flash Firmware and check reset to defaults. Or run firstboot on the command line.

If there is a CPU port (usually eth0) dedicated and wired directly to the WAN port you woulcn't change the switch settings at all. Instead you reassign how the kernel talks to eth0 so it works for both wan and lan. Change the WAN from eth0 to eth0.2-- this makes all wan-related packets have a tag of 2. Add eth0.1 alongside the existing eth1 to the lan bridge. This, by software connects the lan to eth0 with tags of 1.

The downside to this is that LAN on this router to LAN in the other room will use a little CPU time. But if you needed high LAN performance you'd be running gigabit.

I've chosen a fast ethernet router instead of gigabit because my switch is gigabit, and it is connecting all the lan connections which need to be fast, so it seemed overkill to get a gigabit router just to get better lan performance in a single room.

Your suggestion in the second paragraph worked perfectly, thanks a lot.

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