Table of Hardware: "Unsupported" column

The "Unsupported" column in the Table of Hardware is poorly filled:

  • Devices with DSL modem, but no support for this modem, should have "DSL modem" in the Unsupported column. Current state: Sometimes yes, sometimes no, e.g. bcm63
  • SoC/WLAN Hardware dependant Wifi support (e.g. Broadcom) - or rather the lack of support - is not reflected in the Unsupported column
  • ....other unsupported features worth mentioning? USB?

Task: Update the Unsupported column so that it reflects better the status of modem and/or wifi support.


  1. To collect the rules to be applied for updating the Unsupported column, I created Please check the tables for correctness, and add as needed.
  2. I created, which shows CPU, WLAN + switch hardware and Modem. These columns could help to determine what should be shown in the respective devices Unsupported field.

Thanks for your help!

P.S.: Just thinking aloud: Would it make sense to create dataentries for targets / SoCs, which show the LEDE support status for e.g. modem or WLAN or other hardware dependant features?

Do I see this correctly? If WLAN hardware = MT7610 then Wifi 5GHz = unsupported?
Please comment / confirm.

That seems to be the current status, yes.

Yes any mt7610E has no mac80211 driver available. You can get the D-LINK softap code compiled and use ilwifi (some people do this on certain Archers and I got as far as getting it to run in a DR-810) but that is wext API and any advanced AAA would also need special separate daemons.

Suggestion: could we color this colomn or the text in it red?

@all is still poorly filled.

You can help to improve the wiki by adding the LEDE/OpenWrt support status to the page linked above. Knowing that e.g. Wifi or DSL modem is not supported might help users that want to buy a new device.

Your help in collecting this information is appreciated!