Table of Hardware "current OpenWrt release" filter out of date


I was telling a friend about OpenWrt, and discovered that the "Supported by current OpenWrt release" link in the right-hand side "Other Resources" column is outdated and filters by the previous release (21.02).

Because the filter only shows that release, and not that release and newer, this makes things look much worse than they are, because most current devices have been updated and show 22.03 as the latest release supported, thus the filter doesn't show them.

To an uninitiated user, it would look like only 54 devices are supported by the current release, when in reality over 1100 of them are, and the 54 are the ones that are only supported by the previous release.

Can someone update the link, and optimally add something to the release process so that this link doesn't get missed in the future? @tmomas someone on IRC said that you may be the person to fix this? Thanks!


Some TOH context: Improving the Table of Hardware (TOH)?