Table of Hardware: Bootloader missing

We have quite a number of devices in the Table of Hardware where the bootloader is missing:

If you happen to know which bootloader a device listed at the above links comes with, you can help to improve data quality and completeness:

  • if you are already registered in the wiki, edit the respective dataentry and chose the bootloader from the dropdown.
    Click the "View / Edit data" link in the last column of the tables to get to the dataentry.
    To edit the dataentry, click the "Edit" Button in the lower left corner of the dataentry (only the "Edit" button on the left side gives you the dropdowns).
  • or if you are not registered in the wiki, just post it here in this topic, e.g. "LiteStation 2 = U-Boot"

Thanks for your support!

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MikroTik devices = RouterBOOT

  • tinyBIOS (most) or Award BIOS (alix1e and alix3d3)

  • coreboot BIOS

(I'd edit, but not sure if "BIOS" or more specific, and options are not available)

Hmmm.... good question.

For now, I will just add BIOS to the dropdown. Should we see the need to distinguish further, we can do so later on.

  • MikoTik - updated
  • Alix - updated (thx to @jeff)

Leaves us with roughly 180 supported devices with missing bootloader waiting for input.

Further contributions are welcome!