T260s/LINBLE/LIBTOR mini pci-e 4G help

Good day everyone,
First of all, i'm not too sure that do i post this question in the right place, so if anything problem please PM me or email me.

I've got a router which i've got it from Taobao, brand is LINBLE (previously or in english is called LIBTOR), and the model is T260S. Is a 4G Modem Router.
The interesting part about this router, it share the same chipset as A5-V11.
Using Ralink RT5350F chipset, and the RAM chip are same too.
These are the pictures i took for reference.

The story is,
I thought it should act same as HAME A1 mini router or the A5-v11 mini router.
So i, flash with the A5-v11 openwrt image into it, it work and i still able to get it to the Luci interface,
but it seems like it doesn't detect the mini pci-e slot's 3G/4G modem.
Is it required to install some dependencies to support it? Or is it just not able to detect anyway?
The Wifi is working as usual, but not able to connect the 3G/4G Data.

Hope to get some answer soon.

English link to Router

I hope i the english link right, i see no difference about it...

China link to Router

Same CPU: http://linuxgizmos.com/tiny-30-wifi-enabled-openwrt-module-runs-on-1-watt/

Guessing a base board runs the 4G over GPIO?

Plenty of info on the net about these things.... You have some research to do....

-Find some very similar devices.... Preferably with similar OS ( bootlogs - dts - codebases )
-Get serial access / get a bootlog

The references to other boards don't mention mini pci.... your going to need to find more specifications / oem bootlog in order to know what your dealing with.

So yes, find pci chipset, select driver, probably update dts to support interaction.

Cellular modems are almost always USB bus to the CPU. The PCIe spec includes two pins that are a USB2 bus.

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Yes, definitely usb. There is probably a gpio controlling power to the slot. Find it using the normal gpio methods. Make sure the image supports USB, and you should see something in the kernel log when you hit the right gpio.

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Thanks for the reply,
so i'll check for other openwrt image later for better support.
In the same time, i'll try ttyUSB as

By the way, is openwrt able to support most of the USB Modem?

LOL, i mess it up,
cause i can't downgrade, i upgrade it to Hame firmware,
its getting not stable and constantly reboot by its own.
So i end up try to force downgrade with CLI way, i brick the router.