Sysupgrade without saving config files?

is a normal sysupgrade saving the config files?
I thought it is deleting the configuration. But I think sometimes this is not the case...

Sysupgrade will try to keep your configuration by default; however, if the files you find are missing, that probably means they're not set to be saved by sysupgrade. If they're part of some package, you might want to check with its maintainer to see if this is intentional, or an oversight.

In the meantime, you should use this file:

root@lede:~# cat /etc/sysupgrade.conf 
## This file contains files and directories that should
## be preserved during an upgrade.

# /etc/example.conf
# /etc/openvpn/


If you want to see what's being kept by default, run sysupgrade -l.

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