Sysupgrade to original firmware (syslink wrt 1900 acs v2)

Hi all,

i have a syslink wrt 1900 acs v2 router with openwrt firmware on it. I actually just want to get the original firmware back on the router so I copied the original firmware to /tmp folder on the router, but if i execute sysupgrade as described here
"Wrt1900acs v2 back to original firmware - #2 by valbon"
i just get the message "Image file not found". I also tried to flash new firmware image from luci but it just tell me "The uploaded image file does not contain a supported format. Make sure that you choose the generic image format for your platform."
I used the image found at linksys webpage for syslink wrt 1900 acs v2 router. (FW_WRT1900ACSV2_2.0.3.201002_prod.img) and as i can tab to select it I am sure that the image is present.

Please help me :smiley:

The advice given in the linked message should be still valid:

sysupgrade -n -F /tmp/firmware.img

-n means "do not keep settings"
-F means force to overcome the image format check.

You have to specify the correct path and and name.
download it to /tmp like in my example.
And either rename it to simpler (like firmware.img) or give the full long linksys filename in the command.

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Thanks for the fast reply.

But as I said I even tabbed with auto completion, so the file is where it should be.

Any other suggestion?

ok, after the fifth restert of the router it finally accepted. Don´t know why. But thanks.