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I am using 18.06.1 (on a ESXi virtual machine) and I would like to sysupgrade 18.06.2: I read from docs and threads about sysupgrade but I am not sure about correct procedure.


  1. backup from Luci

  2. sysupgrade combined-ext4.img.gz (

  3. restore from Luci

it's the right procedure (and step 2 from Luci or shell)?

Thanks in advance

sysupgrade would be a command-line upgrade, similar functionality is available through LuCI.

The bare-bones approach is

  • Backup config (for safety)
  • sysupgrade (which will, by default, create its own config backup and restore it)
  • Reinstall user-installed packages

Confirmed on an ext4-based system running under VirtualBox that

sysupgrade /tmp/openwrt-18.06.2-x86-64-combined-ext4.img.gz

obtained from upgraded a 18.06.1 instance to 18.06.2 with expected configuration preserved.

For a recent, quick overview see

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Thanks jeff,

very useful :smile:

Sorry to reply to a n old thread. I tried the suggestion in this thread and I am getting an error...

The VM was originally CC 15.05. When the VM reboots after the upgrade it just enters a reboot loop. Am I doing something wrong? It says there is 35MBs free before I upgrade so I dont think the error is right.


You're trying to upgrade a four-year-old image. Expect problems, especially if you save settings. I can't read your images, so if there are meaningful messages there, posting with the preformatted-text button </> is preferred.

Copy your settings (they're text files), backup any data files you need and install from scratch. Then edit the new config (it has changed significantly from Chaos Calmer) to your liking.

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It was two screenshots of a console window, no copy paste ability unfortunately. They show that an error occurs during sysupgrade when mounting /dev/sda and unmounting /mnt both saying invalid argument.

Sounds like a partitioning or device-name change over the last several years and releases.

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Seems so. Time for a clean install I guess. Thanks

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