Sysupgrade not supported (Accton, layerscape?)

After Flashing the LEDE 1043 image to the Accton board and opening the GUI in the browser its giving

" Sorry, there is no sysupgrade support present; a new firmware image must be flashed manually. Please refer to the wiki for device specific install instructions ". How to solve this error.

What do you mean by "lede 1043"?? There has been no such release and the current revision is like 3800...
And which Accton board?

Actually we used this image "lede-layerscape-32b-ls1043ardb-squashfs-firmware.bin" to build to accton board by enabling LUCI in menu_config which is giving the above error

sorry we used this image "lede-layerscape-32b-ls1043ardb-squashfs-firmware.bin"

Sounds like a rare target and board. Probably not many users around.

In general that message tells you that no sysupgrade procedure is possible from inside a running LEDE / Openwrt. You likely need to flash from bootloader or something like that. (possibly in similar fashion as you installed LEDE).

But hopefully some Layerscape specialist notices this thread and can tell you more specific advice.

Can anybody suggest which image will be suitable to flash on accton board with LUCI support and please provide links for installation as well as for SDK download.