Sysupgrade in wrt3200 (mvebu bug in r4250-r4293)

I have WRT3200 with LEDE installed (master, LEDE Reboot SNAPSHOT r4281-09c2f4a / LuCI Master (git-17.145.19303-ee6110b kernel 4.9.3)
LEDE works fine but I can not install a new image.
"Sysupgrade" does not load the image, it closes all processes. After manually restarting I have an old image. Can this be fixed without the router laying?
Please help..

You mean wrt3200acm, right?
There was a mvebu specific sysupgrade problem in r4250-r4293 that prevented sysupgrade from those builds.

You have two main alternatives

Thanks for the help.
The second way works.

...or just write original firmware using mtd.