Sysupgrade from Openwrt to LEDE - Linksys WRT1900ACS v1 mwlwifi driver

G'day all

As the title saids, i have a Linksys WRT1900ACS with a mildly customized installation build of OpenWRT Chaos Calmer 15.05.1 by kaloz based on kernel version 3.18.36.

This build includes the latest mwlwifi driver which overall works great with no issues since it was published to the stable branch on October 13.

Im wondering if the sysupgrade includes the updated mwlwifi drivers in the LEDE build. i haven't done much researching but Im not quite sure where to look to find out.

So, if any of you guys with the Linksys Wrt1900ACS v1 have any success with the wireless connectivity and the overall functionality of LEDE with the LUCI installed?

Ill try and contact with kaloz if he/she is continuing with OpenWRT or moving over to LEDE to contribute.


Kaloz is one of the more senior developers on OpenWrt (in terms of how long he's been with the project). His work on mwlwifi isn't linked to OpenWrt or LEDE specifically.

Driver version on LEDE seems to be 20161013 as well.

Latest mwlwifi driver is (with some readme updates in early December):
This version seems to have fixed some issues like,
but is not included in LEDE yet.

@robd3 @Borromini Thanks, ill keep an eye out for the update as im not yet going to sysupdate until its gets added to LEDE.

What's the advantage to using the mwlwifi drivers rather than the stock lede build for the 1900acs v1?

The stock LEDE build uses the same mwlwifi driver, but an older version of it, so you do not benefit from the latest improvements. You can see a timeline of what has been changed at