Sysupgrade from 21.02.3 to 23.05.2 (R7800)

Just to make sure things are like is said here:
I own a Netgear R7800 router and I have OpenWrt 21.02.3. If I want to upgrade to 23.05.2 I have to upgrade first to at least 22.03 and only then to 23.05.2, as said here:

Or is it already possible to upgrade directly from 21.02.3 to 23.05.2 ?

Generally speaking, keeping settings across upgrades is only supported for upgrades one version back. Two versions back or more are not supported for keeping your configuration.

There are also some other things to consider. Most notably, the transition from swconfig to DSA. I'd have to look at the release notes history to see if/when your device made that transition. This specific one requires that you reset to defaults and configure from scratch. There are a few other nuances like when there is a partition size/layout change that may also have other considerations.

That said... how complicated is your configuration? In general, you can usually upgrade directly provided that you do not keep settings and then reconfigure from scratch when the system has completed the upgrade. In many cases, re-configuring can be done in a matter of minutes.

I would recommend a stepwise sysupgrade due to minor WiFi and network config syntax changes. And you should use Luci to edit network slightly at 22.03. (just add a bogus interface or something)

Ps. The main differences are WiFi band syntax changes and network interface/device separation, but I do not remember if some of those wew already in 21.02

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DSA for ipq806x is post 23.05.x, so main snapshots or 24.xy.0+, but there are a couple of gotchas (like the wireless interface paths) that are better avoided by starting with a default config, smaller ones, but still.

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I think I only have 3 or 4 custom files.


and maybe one or 2 more related with old attempts to setup dynamic DNS and ablock iirc.
So, not much complicated things for most people!

So, just to be clear, I shoul jump from my actual 21.02.3 to 22.03.0 and then, from 22.03.0 to 23.05.2 yes?
And I won't be abe to simply backup my config files and then copy them over to the same locations as before, right? I'll have to see where are the new config files and change them accoringly, right?

Whenever I do this, I think I'll go by the old good way of searching for files, and changing them one by one instead of changing all in LuCI. Because if I change all in LuCI I won't have a clue what is being changed under the hood!

No need for any hassle with the config files.
You should be able to sysupgrade while keeping them in place.
(Naturally make backup first, just in case...)

I suggest that you

  • first sysupgrade to newest 22.03.x = 22.03.6, and
  • then open the network config page in LuCI, and also the WiFi config page. That might be enough to trigger the transition scripts. (If the router wants to reload network config of reboot, then visit the page again. (I don't remember exactly the workflow, too ancient history...))
  • Then sysupgrade to 23.05.2.
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I think I have one final question before I do this:
After the 1st sysupgrade, will I have to connect my laptop to my router via RJ45 cable?
I want to have it prepared if I need to!

Some questions:

After the upgrade, what would be the login credentials, knowing I was using an SSH key to login that won't be there the very first time I connect to ssh after the sysupgrade?

In 22.03.0, the wireless config files will still be in the same folder? /etc/config/wireless ? Will it have the same format? I ask this because I have at least 2 devices connected via wireless to the router that I want them to have the least offline time possible!

If all goes normally, the settings and SSH keys etc. should be copied ok, when you sysupgrade with settings.
Login credentials would be your normal ones. Best to allow password login in any case.
(If you need to reset router or sysupgrade without settings, then the default root password is empty.)

With settings kept, sysupgrading with wireless should work. But naturally something can go wrong, so being prepared for wired connection is preferred.

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Ok, I already di the 2 upgrades and everything went smoothly. Now, I'm going to check settings if they are as they were. At least regarding SQM.

And we can mar this thread as solved!

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