Sysupgrade from 18.06 to 21.02 is not supported?


I recently have upgraded my D-Link DIR-835 router from 18.06 to 21.02.0-rc3 using the sysupgrade image (missed the warning due to being a bit careless in reading the instructions).

Nevertheless, the upgrade seems to have gone well and everything seems to be working fine. In a couple of places ("Interfaces" and "Wireless" pages, I think) I was asked to migrate my config settings, which I did, and after that everything seems to be working as it should.

Any potential issues/problems I should be aware of with reference to the above?


It's 'not supported' but it might work in some cases. Your ath79 based target doens't use DSA which is one of the biggest changes that could cause it not to work. It sounds like you're okay and should just keep using it to see how it functions. It's really best to do a clean install though. RC4 is about to release, maybe backup your config and then try a clean install for that.

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This is from the release notes of 21.02.0 RC4

Sysupgrade can be used to upgrade a device from 19.07 to 21.02, and configuration will be preserved in most cases.
Sysupgrade from 18.06 to 21.02 is not supported.


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"not supported" in this case means that it may or may not work properly. It was not tested and you can't open bug reports about issues.
But OpenWrt does not block firmware upgrades because of version numbers, so it usually works fine if you uncheck the "save configuration" box (which means config is reset to default and any packages you installed are deleted)


If I remember correctly, I did check the "Save Configuration" checkbox because I wanted to keep my existing configuration (and it looks like it was able to survive the upgrade). Additional packages that I had installed before the upgrade were wiped out though and I had to reinstall them again (in my case it were the packages related to USB-tethering).

Anyhow, so far everything seems to be working as it should, I don't see any issues at all. Maybe when 21.02 is released I'll reinstall it from scratch or maybe I'll just do another sysupgrade as I prefer not to fiddle with the router too much as losing it would be a major incovinience.

Thanks to everyone who responded.

That sounds quite acceptable and reasonable. Thanks for your detailed explanation this about situation.


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