Sysupgrade failure: "Cannot find '/overlay/upper/etc', required for '-c'"

Trying to use sysupgrade -c gives me this error on one device:

Cannot find '/overlay/upper/etc', required for '-c'

Any idea of what is going on?

The image is custom built.

What kind of system, what kind of (currently running) image?

I can easily imaging that error to happen on ext4 based images, as there wouldn't be anything to compare against.

Ubiquiti Unifi AC Pro, OpenWrt 19.

I cannot comment about why that error is happening, but...

You should not use the -c argument here...
per the release notes:

:!: Sysupgrade from 19.07 to 22.03 is not supported.

This refers to the preservation of config files during the sysupgrade process.... the config files are not considered compatible from 19.07 > 22.03.

Therefore, you should make a backup and run the sysupgrade using the -n argument (do not keep settings, or make sure to uncheck the "keep settings" option if you use LuCI). Do not attempt to restore the backup, but use it as a reference for rebuilding your configuration.

EDIT: Also worth noting, since you're currently on 19.07, you could possibly be on an ar71xx target (both ar71xx and ath79 were offered for this device under 19.07). If this is the case, you should first upgrade to 19.07 ath79, and then to 22.03. This first upgrade in particular absolutely requires that you do not keep settings as the target change materially affected the underlying code and a number of major elements in the configuration files. You will get a scary warning about an unsupported image type when you run the ar71xx > ath79 upgrade... just make sure you downloaded the correct image and that the checksum matches the expected/published values, and then go ahead and force the upgrade.

Useful links:
19.07.10 ath79

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