Sysupgrade error

Tryed to upgrade lede

image date: 05-Nov-2016 18:23

root@AC1900M:~# cd /tmp
root@AC1900M:/tmp# sysupgrade -c lede-mvebu-linksys-wrt1900ac-squashfs-sysupgrad
Saving config files...
killall: watchdog: no process killed
Sending TERM to remaining processes ... logd rpcd netifd odhcpd crond dnscrypt-proxy uhttpd smbd nmbd collectd dnsmasq ntpd fan_monitor vnstatd sleep ubusd askfirst
Sending KILL to remaining processes ... askfirst
Switching to ramdisk...
Performing system upgrade...
cannot find target partition

Anyone else see this error?

same error in wrt3200acm

Post a bug report.

I got it fixed here. I screwed up uboot's variables. Your NAND layout is diffrent than the WRT1900ac

neoraider showed me the fix

Hi gufus, how to fix it? My WRT1200AC has the same problem here. It can not roll back to stock fw nor the op fw.