Sysupgrade doesn't work on Xiaomi mini

This target is new to me, maybe I don't understand something.

I installed a master build, it seems to work OK, I didn't test it thoroughly yet. But sysupgrade doesn't work at all.

Today I made another build and tried to sysupgrade. The device seem to flash, but it's unreachable after a reboot. I could reach the device only in failsafe mode. And it appeared that the Openwrt version was still old. So it didn't flash to a new one.

Writing to firmware partition using mtd command works OK. So I flashed a new one.

So the question is it a bug, or sysupgrade is not supposed to work properly on this device?

I had similar experience on other device type, and filed a bug. Feel free to add your comments. Search for "sysupgrade" or "FS#2024" in buglist.

A different device is a different bug.

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But both devices share the same SoC, MT7620A. Good indication for same bug.
Filing two different bugs (for similar/same symptoms) inflates the list, but lowers probabily that somebody cares.

I have the same hardware and don't have any problem. But remember, you have to very patient. The upgrade and first init after that sometimes takes about 15 minutes.

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It is very strange to be 15 min. Flash using mtd is very fast.

Yes, it is strange. But probably I will have to conect to serial port do debug it.? Probably something needs to timeout and than go further ? I just guessing

Have you try to wait ? Is it working for you ?

Yes, waiting works. Thx.

There is another problem. Wireless is too slow, not more than 5 Mbps, so it's unusable. Probably a hardware problem.