Sysupgrade.bin is not a valid FIT image IPQ40x9 DR4029

HI im having an issue trying to upgrade openwrt on my wallys dr4029

The router is on QSDK firmware from the manufacturer and I want to upgrade to a newer image.

I have built an image from source copied to to tmp and run sysupgrade and I get the below error:

/tmp/openwrt-ipq40xx-generic-wallystech_dr40x9-squashfs-nand-sysupgrade.bin is not a valid FIT image

from what i gather QSDK images differ and i have to create a compatable image with this script, it will allow me to flash an image from CLI or web to vanilla openwrt how do i use this script ?

build: add helpers for generating QSDK sysupgrade compatible images · openwrt/openwrt@bf4630e (

Also when I copied the image to tmp and ran the below it gives me the wrong hash so I validated by downloading after uploading to verify the hash.

echo -n sysupgrade.bin | openssl dgst -sha256

This device is not supported by OpenWrt yet, you'll have to contact your vendor (respectively the supplier of your firmware) for support.

It's doable according to Target build help IPQ40x9 (Wally's 4029)

The board is based off the qualcomm reference board dk04 which is supported currently.

I don"t believe there is any differences apart from passive POE implementation and maybe GP I/O.

I was told dk04 build will operate on the board.

I have built from target build as per my other post as linked by @frollic

Just to clarify,

did you build from or

I started from
I built the master repo merging changes from branch DR40X9.

so I'm basically on latest sartura fork with the wallys patches.

I have just created my own repo here with my fork I have done a push from the master openwrt/openwrt branch so it is bleeding edge with wallys patches and QSDK script
professor-jonny/openwrt: Linux distribution for embedded devices (

I just need to figureout this script to create QSDK compatable update image.

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