System logs showing date and time before install

Hello, today (16th of July 2023) I installed OpenWRT on my Belkin RT3200 and I was checking the system logs, it has logs from the 3rd of January 2023.

Is this normal or has something weird happened here?

My stock firmware was > 1.2.00.

I'm guessing you installed 22.03.3?

That version likely began building on Jan 3, 2023, which would mean that the oldest file (and likely all files) on the device will inherit that specific date. The system will thus interpret that as the installation date.

Your router cannot mark these files on the actual (for you) install date because:

  1. your router (and most consumer routers) does not actually have a real-time clock. Instead, it gets the time after it has fully booted from a network time server, and it cannot maintain the clock sync across reboots/power-cycles (and especially firmware installs)
  2. the files relevant here are all in the rom partition, so they cannot be re-writtten.

P.S. I'd recommend upgrading to the latest stable release. As of this writing, that is 22.03.5


That would be correct, I obtained version 22.03.3 from here.

22.03.05 would be obtained from here, correct?

Yes, although I really like the firmware selector:


Very useful, thank you.

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