System log Size


I have a linksys wrt 1900 Acs router with davids Lede build installed. Everything seems to be running well although I have a cron job running that shows a message in the log every minute is this bad for the flash chip being written to so often , is there a way to stop the cron job showing in the log perhaps?

logd writes the log messages it receives normally into a RAM ringbuffer - no flash writes.

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I did wonder whether it could write to RAM but I'm reasonably new to this and all the other Linux systems I use write to flash on SD cards or SSD's . Is there a way I can confirm that it writes to RAM?

Yes, it's part of the system configuration (/etc/config/system). If you don't find any "log_file" entries the RAM ringbuffer (16KB) will be used ... for more information see here


Thank you just what i needed.