Syslog server with Android support


I´m looking for a way to push critical syslog messages to my cell-phone.
Anybody how knows about a syslog server with filters and a supported android app?


A wirelessly connected syslog server doesn't sound like a great plan, even less one with aggressive power-saving enabled.

My thought was to have a syslog server in my network and the syslog server could push critical messages to my phone.

You can use mqtt for that.
I implemented a proof of concept similar to this but for ubus messages... you can do the same for syslog messages.
Check it out here:

What about a Telegram (or similar) client that pushes the messages to a chat?

It looks interesting, but I have to learn more before I can create my own app.

Yes, a simple text app could be a solution.

Telegram clients to create simple bots are easy to build, there are libraries and sample code for probably every programming language.