Syslog message not getting stored in persistent

/var/log/message is stored in RAM till a specific parition is mounted on the /var/log mountpoint.
As soon as a specific partition is mounted on /var/log mount point , previously logged messages are deleted
Is their a way to retain those message across reboots , I mean to retain those message after mounting thereby after reboot.

pretty sure they'll reappear if you unmount the drive ...

mount /dev/sdaZ /mnt/sdaZ
cp /var/log/logfile /mnt/sdaZ/logfile
umount /mnt/sdaZ
mount /dev/sdaZ /var/log
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Do we have any alternatives to what systemd based journald service does , it takes care to back up logs from various source to persistant storage automatically.
Do we have any pointers in that context ?

Do also understand that this method will be a flash memory destroyer action.
The best method for this is to have a real log server with a real ssd/hdd.