Syscall unimplemented (Nexx WT3020)

I'm trying to get py-spy 1 running on my Nexx WT3020, but after fixing some simple runtime issues, I wound up hitting a wall when it turned out that process_vm_readv 2 wasn't available on my kernel.

In case it helps, I confirmed that I'm missing that syscall by writing a short script that ran syscall(SYS_process_vm_readv, NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL) and strace'd it to double check the value the kernel was returning.

It looks like the buildbot is enabling the appropriate kernel config, though (see CROSS_MEMORY_ATTACH in some random recent logs [3]), and since I'm running 18.06.4 per the instructions page [4], it seems like that syscall should be available. Only it isn't :expressionless: .

Any thoughts? I'm rather unfamiliar with working on this sort of code, so it's been a heck of a learning experience so far, and I'm open to trying a lot to get it working.

Link 3
Link 4

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