Syntax Error while accessing Interfaces via Luci


My Router: Xiaomi 4A Gigabit

i finally ditched my FritzBox and setup OpenWRT thats a dream coming true. I was playing around with interfaces while I was configuring a wireless repeater for my main Router and somehow got this:

Can someone give me a hint on where to look? I already looked at: "/etc/config/network" via ssh. And currently I'm trying to figure out where this error comes from.

The Internet is still working and I also have backup, I'm just curious about where this is coming from...

Thanks a lot in advance!

You're using a snapshot image (=beta) try stable instead, if there's one for your device.


I guess I should have guessed that I get this kind of answer :slight_smile: Thanks for bringing this up, but there is unfortunately only a snapshot version available...

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You didn't specify your device, so I assumed it would be something covered by v19.

Snapshots are generated on a daily basis, if you're lucky the next iteration will have the problem fixed.


Yeah you're right, I forgot about that. I already tried updating, I guess I just go back to the backup then. Thanks!

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Wait until final, and you should be good to go.


Ok thank you for taking the time!

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Faulty network config is my first guess. Something gets parsed wrongly and that leads to the error. Maybe a wrong char.

Hard to believe that it would be about OpenWrt version, as people are using master and 21.02 quite widely.

You might debug config with "uci show network", "uci show firewall" etc., and see if uci complains about errors and if all shown lines look like expected.


Thanks for the answer! I looked at all the settings uci showed me and did not find anything suspicious. Interestingly though after several restarts (hard reboots with power plug), it just started working again...

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