Sync settings between 2 OpenWrt devices


next time I get an 2nd OpenWrt device for including WLAN (GL.Inet 1200). Now I'd like to Sync the Settings, like They are running in a stack. My main-router is an Er-X without WLAN.

So how can I sync the Settings(Zones and Firewall) so that I Have only to do the change on one Router?
Is there a short way?

You can simply copy and paste the output of cat /etc/config/firewall.

You can also use the scp command to copy that file to the other router but I’ve never tried to do something like this to save just few seconds of copy/paste :slight_smile:

The firewall itself will be compatible across devices provided that the routers are running the same version of OpenWrt.

But do not attempt to copy the network settings -- this will cause major problems.

Beyond the firewall, is there anything you need to sync between the two?

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