Switching to Flint AX1800 or WRT3200?

I'm thinking about switching my router. Looked a bunch of products and read a lot of comments...

What's your thoughts, should I go with Flint AX1800 or WRT3200 ?

Just want a solid vpn router and not too complicated.

You don't care about WiFi?? WiFi on WRT3200 isn't good....
Flint doesn't have stable release yet.

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Devices with mwlwifi (as in the wrt3200acm) certainly shouldn't be considered to be purchased today, the drivers situation is still 'not good' and its price is just not attractive for its 802.11ac wifi either. If you already own the device, no harm trying how far you can get - after all the device is already there, paid for (so ~free) and you can just give it a spin, but don't look at it for new purchases.


Good to know! What's your thoughts on Flint ?
They just released a stability update. Should I consider it ? The interface looks pretty easy to use.

The gl-mt6000 is an attractive device, which would be around the top of my potential choices for new devices - but I have no personal experiences with filogic 820/ 830/ 880.

If I had to buy a wifi router today, I would be hard pressed to decide between the gl-mt6000 and the ax3000t - the gl-mt6000 is certainly better in every regard, but the ax3000t costs one sixth of that - and I already have a very capable x86_64 wired router…
There are other top contenders in the filogic 830 space, but right now, the gl-mt6000 might provide the best mix of features and prices, as well as reasonable means of recovery.

I don't use GL's UI, so don't ask me, the first day I received my Beryl AX I flashed official OpenWrt on it already.

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Is Beryl AX good?
Do you have a good wifi coverage?

It depends on how large the area is, for me it's mainly for travel purpose so it's very good.

Beryl AX (GL-MT3000) has surprisingly good coverage. The best I've seen for OpenWrt devices I had so far. I'm sometimes wondering if it isn't blasting too much power by some driver misconfiguration, but I don't have any proper tools to measure that.

Avoid the Flint AX1800, but definitely go for the Flint 2 GL-MT6000 or cheaper/smaller GL-MT3000, they work great with OpenWrt and have stable releases.

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Really??? I just got mine and haven't spent time to test with it yet.

All 3 x MT3000 I had in my hands had great range, so I'm assuming others will be the same. WiFi had DE set as the default country code. It's hard to say if there are region-specific hardware versions or the default country code is just a bootloader setting.

I just did some simple tests at home, the speed drops quickly when I am moving away like 5-6m from it (5xx Mbps -> 15x Mbps), it's really a great device for use in hotel rooms but for general home use (my home has only ~270 sq. ft on that floor) still not that great.

Comparing with my Netgear WAX206, or Google Gale, the signal is not that comparable.

The longest range I used it was when I helped neighbor once. It went through: window #1, tree(s), window #2. MT3000 was as close to the window as possible. Laptop was 1-2 m from the window in another building. At least total 20 m. I didn’t have time to do any testing, but neighbor said it was good enough for office work.

I agree that there is signal for longer distance with a kind of acceptable speed.
But from my observation + comparison with other routers the MT3000 is noticeably slower, maybe you should turn off 2.4GHz to test, for me when I turn off 2.4GHz my laptop on next level in my house can't see the MT3000 already (however any other normal router I tested will be able to get some 5GHz signal over next level)

When it comes to 5 GHz I didn’t compare range, but only signal strength through a brick wall when MT3000 was standing next to MT6000. The former was stronger by about -2 dBm. I will do some iperf tests next time.

Interesting observation with levels coverage. Maybe it has somehow more flattened donut shaped signal pattern than other routers you’ve compared with.

I think a speed test is needed to see how it goes, on next floor my laptop sometimes sees the 5GHz but.....once I put traffic on it, it drops, I can only use 2.4GHz on next floor with laptop, speed is usable but not fast.