Switching from Class C to B?

My network is growing, and I'd like to organize it more cleanly. At present, everything gets an IP in the range. However, I'd like to switch things to that my router, dns servers, and switches all get IPs in 192.168.1.x and the users are in another (192.168.2.x).

Is this possible? My router handles all the DHCP assignments.

You could use a /23, which spans the last digit being 0 and 1 or 2 and 3 etc. In other words: and --> same network and --> different networks
This is just to satisfy your numbering scheme, which seems more confusing than the typical setup is last number < 100 are fixed assignments, last number >= 100 dynamic assignments.

If you really have more than 256 devices total, they should be split up into separate networks. Broadcast traffic in a large single network becomes a problem.

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Yeah, you are right. As I was thinking about this while falling asleep last night, I realized I can easily do what I want within the Class C by moving things around so they fall within CIDRs.

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