Switches, swconfig and DSA

I've been doing a bit of reading and am still a bit unclear as to how the pieces fit together re: managing the internal switch on my WRT1900ACS. From what I can gather, being a Marvell-based switch the driver support comes from DSA but it looks like swconfig can see and manage the switch which I thought wasn't possible given they were two different approaches to switch management. What I'm trying to figure out is if I can get per-port switch statistics (i.e. frames, frame errors, byte counts... whatever I can get) and am not sure if 1) it's possible and 2) if so, what tools I should be using. I can 'see' the ports via swconfig:

$ swconfig dev switch0 port 3 show
Port 3:
mask: 0x0000: (3)
qmode: 3
pvid: 1
link: port:3 link:up speed:1000baseT full-duplex

But I have no idea how to get any more detail on it than that...

With DSA there are separate eth interfaces per port, so you should be able to use ifconfig to get byte counts per port.

swconfig dev help shows what control/status is available on your particular hardware.

Based on the info above, what device name should I be trying for port 3?

Not finding the per-port virtual network devices that the documentation I've found indicated should be there for DSA, I did a bit more research and am now more confused than I was previously. Using the vanilla image (http://downloads.openwrt.org/snapshots/targets/mvebu/cortexa9/openwrt-mvebu-cortexa9-linksys-wrt1900acs-squashfs-factory.img) I was under the impression that Marvell switches only supported DSA... is that incorrect and that swconfig has native support for at least some of them? (i.e. is the mwlwifi providing the switch support to swconfig which eliminates the need for DSA?) Does this mean that I can't get at the per-port statistics without changing the drivers, assuming that's even feasible for my device?