Switch - VLAN in dLAN/Powerline

Hey there, heres what im trying to do
Setup: i want to use a OpenWRT Router as a switch and connect it to the Router and then connect a TP-Link dLan Adapter to it that connects via Powerline to two other TPlink Adpters inside the house.
Usage: now i want to create to VLANs based on the two recieving dLAN Adapters connected to the poweroutlet somewhere in the house and subsequently filter allowed mac addresses from the VLANs
Is there anyway to do this? The dLan Adapters all have MAC adresses so maybe filter for based on that? All help is greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

PS: the dlan Adapters are "dumb" as there's no real software on them so the switching and relaying needs to be done on the OpenWRT Switch i imagine

Further research
EDIT 1: the dlan adpaters conform to HomePlug AV and thus supports VLAN tag, how to utilize this?

I would investigate what does it means that those devices support VLANs. In an ideal situation, you would trunk two VLANs through the device connected to the router, then untagg the packets on the other two devices.