Switch Lua5.1 to Lua5.3 for some core packages

Switch Lua5.1 to Lua5.3 for some core packages: libuci-lua, libubus-lua, libubox-lua.

Lua5.1 does not support INT64 which puts a lot of limitations on programming.

I think the idea is to switch to Java and remove lua completely to move processing tasks to the client.

You mean JavaScript

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Only for Luci, I badly hope ! And an update of Lua5.1 to Lua5.3 I also consider a good idea. Some people, like me, do some serious coding in LUA, to run on openwrt platform.

Once luci's dependency on lua5.1 is gone, updating lua would be easier (no API compatibility issues anymore); it might move to the packages feed (for better or worse) then as well (if it's no longer in the critical path for an OpenWrt release image).

There‘s a considerable amount of 3rd party LuCI apps still being written in Lua, so support for Lua 5.1 will need to stay to accommodate the legacy luci-lua-runtime.