Switch fully support Parental Control

Hi , I am buying a new switch and want to manage security and Parental Control for my child. Ho I have to search in OpenWrt Device List , a switch that fully support Parental COntrol and security feature I saw in User Guide ?


Because of the very weak CPU of a typical managed switch, this is not a recommended approach. Parental controls need to be implemented in the main router. Attempting to do this on the switch will likely result in a severe reduction of bandwidth (~20Mbps or less).

As psherman said, a managed switch may implement the policy decisions you have set on your central router (in the sense of distributing the VLANs with different firewall/ filtering settings to the various access ports), but it's not able (in the sense of the required processing power) to make policy decisions itself. While the actual switching is done in hardware, in the massively parallel switch fabric, the CPU part of the switch is only meant to serve the webinterface to you, it's incapable of doing higher functions at acceptable performance.


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I truly believe that these kind of policies should be implemented on device level or you're going to be in for a rough time managing the "whitelisting exceptions"

thanks to all , then some hint to buy a good device ( maybe a router or ? ) fully compatible with openwrt ?

For the very specific (cpu-intensive) function the OP want to implement, that statement holds true, but having OpenWrt support for e.g. the POE-RTL-Switches enables some very nice integrations/features for many other people

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Yep, vut You have nice webgui for everything and in luci don't have? What thing for poe You have? Have You seen mikrotik switch poe gui options?

Are they as easy to integrate into HomeAssistant as power-monitoring On/Off switches as like with OpenWrt on RTL-POE? Cheaper? More available?

As i don't have iot, i use my two poe switches only for ap and ip camera.

I use POE to hook up all devices that need <30W, wherever I can, for monitoring/control. Even if they are not 'networked devices'. Lots of Lamps/Led-Strips, Small Fans, ...

then is better a Managed Switch or Router ?

Better for sure, pfsense as core firewall and routing, and managed switch for some segmentation , i have a few switches and also remote sites connected by vpn. But if You don't need managed switch then less expenses.