Switch firmware replacement (Aerohive SR2024P)?

I will soon be in possession of an Aerohive sr2040p switch, Id prefer something better than the Hive Manager and less... paid. I have found 0 articles or anything about modified firmware for this device I also dont know what processor it uses. Hopefully I can answer more of those kind of questions when i receive it. Anyone have any thoughts on replacing switch firmware?

Thanks in advance.

Google search has no results, brand and model are accurate?

I searched for other Aerohive's ... since that seems to be a managed switch with sfp, and common switch features then even if the cpu is OpenWRT/LEDE capable you will lost almost each feature and will have just a OpenWRT router with lot of ports...

Use the right tool, if you need to Route and OpenWRT/LEDE Features do it on Router hw and not on a switch hw.
There is some mini PC's with 8, 10 and 12 gbit ethernet with x86 cpu, Atom or Celeron, willl perform a lot of better with similar price.

Is it Aerohive SR2024P ?

yes it is. Sorry for the typo, might need more caffeine... or less...