Switch chip RTL8367B mirror port (Archer C2)

Anyone knows if it is possible to set port mirroring on a RTL8367B (on a Archer C2)

It does not seem exposed through swconfig.
I did pick up we should be using something called DSA through the ip tool, but I have no idea how to do that.

Other stuff (jumbo, vlan) is nicely exposed through UCI/Luci, though it fails on 21.02-rc2
(I already made a bug report, not sure if that will be picked up)

DSA is replacing swconfig in 21.02.

Yes, but is there a helpful noob manual. something akin to swconfig --help

via ip and tc

Ok, thanks. I will play with that. But at first glance at that linked page, I am suspecting this is CPU/Kernel level port mirroring, not switch hardware level port mirroring.

I guess if it works, it may still be OK though, I would only use this for debugging, sending stuff to Wireshark

I think it operates at the device.