Swconfig header not found

Wanted to ask if there is a way to use swconfig api in my app? Tried to include linux/swconfig.h but not working :confused:

swconfig is not really an "API" in the traditional sense you would think it is. I believe he is using the term loosely to mean that the program contains the entire function set used. swconfig is a kernel module and designed to be used from the command line

you should still be able to expose the functions to your own program, but your probably need to also include other files, or there's some missing definitions

why swconfig?

As neheb implied, be aware that swconfig is on the way out - at least for a majority of common devices, swconfig will be gone (or already is) pretty soon. Basing development on a deprecated out-of-tree switch subsystem might be wasted efforts.

Im confident that my device will use swconfig in a future.

About header file, i will try to do.more research then, just wanted to be sure this is possible.

That's a PR to change from using swconfig to DSA for ath79. Which will happen to almost all devices eventually. The way to get info then would be through ethtool and friends.