Swconfig and port link speed


I've installed my Linksys WRT1900ACS today nad I've noticed one thing.
One of my port is wrongly negotiating the speed (the cable is very long as I'm changing the floor level).
When I use this cable on my modem, it negotiate 100baseT full duplex and it's working fine.
When I plug it in my router, it negiate 1000baseT full duplex and in that case theres is no network on this port.
Here is the information I got with the command swconfig:

swconfig dev switch0 port 0 show
Port 0:
mask: 0x0000: (0)
qmode: 3
pvid: 1
link: port:0 link:up speed:1000baseT full-duplex

The question is how could I force the link speed on this specific port to 100baseT full-duplex.


You can install ethtool and use it to change link speed :relaxed:
Command: "opkg update && opkg install ethtool"
Change link speed to 100Mbps: "ethtool -s eth(number) speed 100"

Hi, this could not work because eth1 is my virtual switch (I wan to set only one port) and eth0 the cone connected to my modem.
With ethtool I could not target (as far as I know but I may be wrong) the desired port.

Finally I've used a workaround.

I've put a 100baseT full duplex in front of the port. Now it communicate correctly.


i have the same problem, change linkspeed does not work.
@beber75 how do you managed it ? where did xou put 100bast ?