Swap R7800 for a Pi4B or not!

Currently using a Netgear R7800 to provide the following services....
SQM (limited to its max of 170MB/14MB). It currently configured as a bridge to wired and wireless networks, 3 x tagged VLANS, also running Wireguard VPN.
I also have a Raspberry Pi 4B its an 8GB model currently it is being used on the network to run Aduard home and a samba server.
So because of the SQM speed limitations and not being able to use my Virginmedia 350Mb connection to its full potential I am considering using the Pi as my main router to run OpenWrt and the R7800 as the wireless access point for the wireless clients (of which I have arount 30).
Would really appreciate the thoughts from people on this topic... Good idea or not ?????

The RPi4 would have the wired performance you're looking for, add a USB3 ethernet card and keep the r7800 as AP. 8 GB RAM is kind of a waste for this though (as you'd be hard pressed to exceed a few hundred MB memory usage for a wired router).

If you had to buy one (respectively would have to buy a replacement for its current services), it's not necessarily the most economically viable solution though (quite a few x86_64 based solutions may be cheaper or at least priced similarly and faster). Similarly modern filogic 8x0 based routers should cope with your current wan speed and sqm/ cake, which would give you wifi6 as well.

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So this means you're not using the radios? If so, I think the RPi4B would get you high SQM numbers particularly if overlocked as performance tends to scale linearly with clock. If you are using the radios, the WiFi on the RPi4B is terrible.

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Sorry my question is not clear. I have wired clients and wireless clients bridged (joined) to form one network.. Any clearer ??Yeah I had not considered using the Pis radios, hence keeping the R7800 for wifi AP only

Currently not in a position to purchase new hardware (except the USB to GB adaptor of course) so just looking at what hardware I currently have that could be utilised. @slh when you say "8 GB RAM is kind of a waste for this though (as you'd be hard pressed to exceed a few hundred MB memory usage for a wired router)." I was also planning on reinstalling the Adguard Home and Samba again on top.. You still think its a waste ??

OK, you want the RPi4B to be the router/firewall and the R7800 to be a dumb AP. Yes, I think you will have more CPU power with the RPi4B for sure. I had one as my router/firewall for a year or so and did SQM >650 Mbit/s as I recall.

The comment about 8 G of RAM I think was just saying that you could use a lesser RPi4B model and still be better than your R7800. Even with lxc on mine, (4 G) I did not come close to using all the RAM. If you have RPi4B/8G, just use it.

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Sounds like a good plan to me too.

The Pi4B is enough - and far better suited hardware than the R7800 ipq806x - to handle your gateway duties: VLANs, DHCP, DoH, Adguard, Samba, SQM and Wireguard VPN. Aside, the adblock package works quite well for ad blocking too.

Then use the R7800 solely as a dumb AP and switch so it can focus on WiFi.

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Thanks for your input, when you said *"the adblock package works quite well for ad blocking too" are you specifically talking about the adblock that is intergrated with OWRT ? For my needs I really want to use the Adblock Home package as I find the GUI helpful but I realise that may need to be installed outside Openwrt !!
EDIT..Ignore me just found that opkg install adguardhome already exists