[svn http error] How to install svn with http client library?

I have a WRT1900ACS v1 with LEDE 17.01.1 and I am trying to compile for the first time with subversion (svn).

I have done:

opkg update opkg install subversion-client opkg install subversion-libs

But whenever I try to:

svn co XXX

I get the following error:

I have read and came to the conclusion that I need to install the subversion package with an http client library (serf, neon...) but I do not know if I could configure it now that is installed, or if I should remove it and install it --with-serf.

Which will be the steps to have it installed/configured with serf as http client library (for example)? I am very new to UNIX.

Thanks in advance.

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I am not sure if it is possible without modifying the subversion client compilation. you might need to edit the package Makefile and re-compile with the needed options.

Do you have a non-standard repo?

Yeah I managed to configure the package by downloading it previously with wget, configure it with the option "--with-serf" and install it. Now the svn pacakge gets the http scheme.


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I'm needing that too. Does it need to be compiled specifically for OpenWRT? Or should I get source from Apache and compile it?